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I once helped convince my boss to spend £7,000 on Ian Poulter's golf clubs. It turned out rather nicely for the charity auction, not so much for us...

We were a small company that struggled to pay the bills, the betting started slowly so we decided to outbid ourselves? From £1,000 to £3,000 to £5,000. Eventually we 'won' at £7,000. Genius.

The golf clubs eventually got nicked from the office. What I learned? Auctions are a bad mixer with wine and don't trust workies.

Check out the IGWT charity auction advice below, then 'win' yourself a weekend fishing trip with Boo Weekly by posting a private bid here.

Rule 1. Believe nothing and check everything.

Rule 2. Assume the reserve price is exaggerate.

Rule 3. Don't let the auctioneer know too much.

Rule 4. Research the true value.

Rule 5. Get legal advice.

Rule 6. Don't bid too soon.

Rule 7. Your highest price should remain a secret.

Boo Weekely

Photo not courtesy of Steve Read, although he is one of my best mates so I'm sure he'll be ok with it? Check Steve Read Photography Here

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