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Phil Mickelson - For truimphing in the face of adversity, always having a smile on his face, representing lefties across the world, an incredible short game, winning the Tour Championship at a canter and taking Tiger's FedEx Cup limelight, albeit temporarily. Phil, we salute you!

2010 Ryder Cup Countdown - Things kick off at Celtic Manor in approximately 365 days, begging the question, is it too early to start an official countdown? Well, Sky Sports News have, so that's enough of a green light for us.

Manuel de los Santos - Born in the Dominican Republic, 25-year-old Santos lost his left leg in a car crash aged 18. Naturally, he plays off three and will be teeing it up as an amateur at this week's Alfred Dunhill Links. Click Here to see footage of this incredible bloke in action.

Breakfast - It may be the most important meal of the day, but here at InGolfWeTrust HQ, we reckon it's the most underrated as well. Our current brekkie of choice is four Weetabix with milk and sugar, or pretentious toast with loadsa Whole Earth Crunchy Peanut Butter on top.

Lucie Jones - If you follow The X Factor religiously like we do, you'll know all too well about this mighty fine Welsh beauty. If not, Google Image her immediately and start watching this weekend.


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