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IGWT takes you under the ropes at Royal Birkdale for this year's Open Championship...

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Fit for a Prince. And normal folk for that matter...

Fancy yourself as a bit of a links connoisseur? Are you a junkie when it comes to knocked-down seven irons into the wind? Then look no further than Prince's Golf Club, situated in the medieval cinque port town of Sandwich, Kent.

The latest club to be added to the portfolio of Troon Golf - the daddies of upscale course management, development and marketing - Prince's boasts three, nine-hole layouts. That's 27 holes of pure, unadulterated, golf porn.

Question is, which one do you play: the Himalayas, Shore or Dunes? Being a greedy bunch, we'll take all three please.

Print this off and use it as a Christmas postcard...

Steeped in more history than you can shake a stick at, Prince's hosted the 1932 Open Championship and was heavily bombed during WWII, though 17 of its 27 greens were saved. Take that, Hitler...

With deep bunkers, undulating fairways and tricky greens, this is, simply put, one of the purest and most breathtaking links experiences known to man. Sure, your scorecard'll take a battering, but trust us, it's worth it.

For more information, go to www.troongolf.com. Alternatively, head on over to www.princesgolfclub.co.uk. Erm, what are you waiting for?


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