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Turning Stone Resort Championship

So, now that this FedEx Cup malarkey is out of the way, it's time for the Fall Series. Hooray for the Fall Series! Fall what, we hear you ask? Well, it's when all the great players go home for a rest, leaving the quite good ones to bag a cheque that'll sort Christmas out for the family.

Taking the piss aside, there's some cracking value to be had this week. Picking a winner is going to be harder than getting Dannii Minogue off the botox, but put your faith in this lot and you should bag some profit.

Jeffrey Overton @ 50/1 - £1 e/w
Kevin Streelman @ 66/1 - £1 e/w
Martin Laird @ 66/1 - £1 e/w

With your last few quid, why not have a cheeky dabble in the First Round Leader market. Try £ 1 e/w on Jeev Milkha Singh @ 55/1 and American youngster Colt Knost @ 200/1. Go on, have a punt.




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