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And he's hosting the 2016 Olympics. Good news for Usain Bolt, bad news if you're Tiger Woods...

So, Rio de Janeiro got its wish in the end, much to the dismay of the other cities' candidates, not least Chicago-born golfing nut, Barack Obama. Yeah, Rio has miles of lovely sandy beaches, but since when have us golfers enjoyed being in the sand, eh?

Chicago's got Cog Hill, Madrid the wonderful Campo Villa. Even Tokyo boasts a handful of the world's Top 100 tracks. And Rio? Erm, give us a minute to have a scour through Google. No, sorry, there's not much.

A fabulous city, maybe, but a distinct lack of world class courses makes you wonder whether it's the perfect excuse for the IOC's bigwigs to put golf being an Olympic off until 2020. When they'll probably end up choosing somewhere like Guatemala as host city, anyway...




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