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Golfers may have a reputation as being a pretty uncool bunch of characters, but why is it that everytime they put a fag or cigar in their mouth, they end up looking like the coolest people on earth? While we don't condone smoking, if there was ever a reason to spark up...

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'Thing is, darlin', I don't usually go for smokers...'

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Maria Verchenova

Sod caviar and vodka, Maria Verchenova is Russia's finest export by a mile...

Billy's Day Out: Chilli Dip Golf

Equipment-tastic album of Billy Android's day trip to Chilli Dip Golf...

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Natalie Gulbis or Amanda Beard? Elin Nordegren or Stacy Keibler?

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This lot are the best ones yet...

Anna Rawson

We bring you the finest photos of LPGA Tour hottie, Anna Rawson...

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Featuring the finest players, the most glamorous girls in golf and some very peculiar trousers.

The Smoking Room

Featuring Miguel-Angel Jimenez and John Daly. No surprises there, then...

Seve's Greatest Moments

From the bushes to the rough, we present the legend that is Seve...

Licence To Phil

It's been a high-risk, thrill-a-minute journey for Lefty.

Children In Need Golf Day

Corking snaps of our day out at Dale Hill Golf Club for Children In Need...

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